Mateusz Kołecki

Mateusz Kołecki

Mateusz Kołecki
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Use Playstation 2 controller with Raspberry Pi Instructable

In this tutorial, Instructables user dexter_industries shows us how he uses a playstation 2 controller with his Raspberry Pi: This tutorial will show how to use the Playstation 2 Controller w…

"Marantz - 3250B ,Vintage Audiophile Preamplifier2 !...

Straight design goals, unspoiled market, demand for quality - these were the ingredients to create the golden age of high-fidelity audio and that is exactly what we at Kopeikin Brothers Vintage Hi-Fi.

Picture of Indoor Environmental Quality station +Bluetooth +Thingspeak

This Instructable describes an station to measure Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). This is a measure of comfort that is impacted by several factors such as .

Hacker 3D prints gadget that can crack a combination lock in 30 SECONDS |

Los Angeles-based hacker Samy Kamkar found a flaw in the design of Master Lock combination locks that allows you to figure out the code. He printed a gadget that automates the process.

A tiny Wi-Fi development board that makes it easy to create internet-connected hardware.

Bring your Internet of Things product to market faster with Particle's secure, easy-to-use, full-stack IoT cloud platform and low-cost connected hardware.