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Why Benedict Cumberbatch is the sex symbol of women.

He totally would be a great choice for the Doctor! As in Doctor Who! Maybe the Fourteenth Doctor? (If his schedule permits, which is hard to say.

Martin is me

I, for one, think that martin freeman is a heck of a lot better than Benedict cumberbatch << I love them both the same, and I really don't like people comparing two wonderful humans.

15 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Was The Complete Opposite Of ‘Sherlock’…

15 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Was The Complete Opposite Of ‘Sherlock’…>>> actually I can picture Sherlock doing like so many of these things. Face it Ben is Sherlock

So I found the link to a really wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch fan fic here put I forgot to pin it and now I can't find it!! Anyone have the link??

Benedict Cumberbatch I love how the only color in this picture is his eyes. It makes you focus on them more.<<< of course, his eyes are always so captivating. My God, this man. He's just all around amazing.

Benedict Cumberbatch

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