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Nails Stamping Challenge with Lora

Stamping Nail Art created for Lora's from challenge
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Second week Black and White nails stamped with B.LovesPlates B.03 Mind Blown


MatMajowe: Mind Blown stamping

Last week Ombre (which is actually gradient) Gradient and gradient stamping with green holos

MatMajowe: NSC7 Ombre? Neh, gradient!

Sixth week Sands & Glitters Barry M Fasion Icon with delicate stamping from Emily de Molly

MatMajowe: NSC6 Sands and glitters - Fasion Icon

Fifth week Nude and Gold Nude gradient and golden stamps.

MatMajowe: NSC5 Nude and Gold

Fourth week Purple & Red Stamping over Barry M Persian with gold using the Moyou London FAsionista plate 08

MatMajowe: NSC4 Purple Red

Third week Blue & Green Stamping with Dance Legend Wazowski over blue holo

MatMajowe: NSC 3 Blue Green stamping

First week Yellow & Pink gradient with Pet'la Peackock 2 stamped pattern, stamping done with CA Wata Cukrowa holo polish.

MatMajowe: Żółto Różowo Stemplowo

Topics for the challenge

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