vintage grocery store produce scale - used when getting quarters of sweets.i remember using one of these in my uncles shop. I think he still has it in one of his sheds

"Quick and with kindness we serve to working class." motivational poster for grocery stores.

Jerzy Popieluszko - Polish Catholic Priest who aided the polish solidarity union in the early 80's. Was one of the few within the church to be staunchly opposed to the communist party and instead sided with the trade #union movement. He was assassinated by the government after two failed attempts.

Do yourself a favor, and read a snippet of the life of Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko. Amazing man of God!

Father Jerzy Popieluszko

Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko - Catholic priest, kidnapped by the Communist secret police in Poland on October 1984 because of his outspoken support of the banned Solidarity movement, his badly beaten body was found in a reservoir eleven days later

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Scott # 2046 - 1974 - Polish Eagle ', Peoples Republic of Poland Anniv

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