Mini Meatloaf Pepper Rings.  Next time add salt and skip the browning before throwing it in the oven.  30 minutes was fine when browning first.  35-45 if just using the oven.

Mini Meatloaf Pepper Rings

<3<3 très bel effet, des tomates (allongées, du fromage frais, de la ciboulette) et de la patience ;)

Tulip Cherry Tomatoes

Cream cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes, beautiful presentation for a party!

Кабачки с фаршем в кляре, готовим с любовью | Рецепты моей мамы

вкусные рецепты

sausage rose

Meat Rose - you only need meat and uncooked pasta like spaghetti (of course you can use toothpick in stead).


A no-frills recipes for a simple classic chili. Made with lean beef, two different kinds of beans, and a whole lot of heartiness, this classic chili is perfect on it& own or mixed into cheese for a yummy queso dip.

Breakfast in bed for Mama. Great treat for Mothers Day!

13 Special DIY Mother's Day Gifts for Mom