Grand Canyon--I saw so many rainbows at the Canyon. Deserts actually have more rainbows than non-desert places I am told.

Grand Canyon rainbow, Arizona, United States Because I know you love the grand canyon :)

Rainbow Over Fall Mountains

✮ Rainbow above Fall Colors. The whole world is alive with color, vibrant during the season of change. As if the shockingly bright shades in the leaves were not enough, the sky too is rejoicing with a beautiful rainbow. This is nature at work.

cross at the end of the rainbow

cross at the end of the rainbow. Two glorious promises of God.

An amateur photographer was stunned when he captured rare meteorological phenomenon - a reflection rainbow. Phil Thompson was walking along a jetty at the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, when he spotted a rainbow reflecting off the sea to create two visible arcs of colour emanating from the same spot. Reflection rainbows occur when sunlight is first deflected by the raindrops, and then reflected off a body of water.

Pictures of the day: 23 November 2011

Snapping nature shots along the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, Amateur photographer Phil Thompson captured this photo of a rare wishbone-like “reflection rainbow,” also known as the “twin rainbow.


Over The Rainbow Videos, and The History Of The Song.


Barn and Rainbow, Palouse, Washington (Beautiful Landscape Photos From Chip Phillips)