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a cross stitch nativity scene hanging on a wall
a cross stitch pattern with a smiling reindeer
a cross stitch christmas scene with a house in the snow and stars on the sky
Zdjęcie - 17.11.2008
Zdjęcie - 17.11.2008 | Fotosik.pl
cross stitch pattern with different types of animals and letters on the bottom half of it
a bookmark made out of beads is shown in the shape of an ombretta
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And finished! I was going for a sort of sunset sky here, inspired by the colours used in the title cards on Steven Universe. I think it turned out pretty good, so gonna try another with different...
three bookmarks with hearts on them and the rainbow collection
The Rainbow Collection Handmade Bookmarks Book Accessory - Etsy Polska
a cross stitch heart with blue flowers on it's side and green leaves in the middle
Cross stitch embroidery kits PANNA 8-354 Tender Forget-me-nots | Embroidery kits PANNA