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VHS Tape box + Picture = Secret Storage.
Tony Prust of Analog Motorcycles has built his reputation with a raft of elegant, mid-capacity customs: the perfect bikes for barhopping and cruising around town. This 1979 Yamaha SR500 has more of a raw edge though, and a name to match—‘Bruto.’
Begin with three regular three strand braids and wrap with clear elastic  Loosely braid all three strands together in a regular three strand braid and wrap with clear elastic  Roll the braid up, hiding the tail, and secure.   # Pin++ for Pinterest #
hair spray, comb, bobby pins & a hair band  2 curl the ends of the hair  3 lightly tease crown of head and set with hair spray  4. brush over teased hair with a flat brush  5. make sure top of hair is smooth and set with hair spray again  6 tie hair into a low pony tail & add some volume by lightly pulling hair up with end of brush  7 re-tie  hair again, but this time don't pull hair entirely through the band   8 cover the hair band with the remaining hair and use secure  9 set with hair…
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