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Martyn Białek
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Must-See Digital Illustrations by Ken Barthelmey

Demon Lord Hello everyone, here is my Illustration for the CGHUB production challenge based on the concept design by Adrian Smith. I spend much time to paint the details.

DARK GODDESS cthulhu larp cosplay Necronomicon Fragment by zarono

Items similar to DARK GODDESS cthulhu larp cosplay Necronomicon Fragment demon grimoire witch magick on Etsy

VASSAGO  Demonology: a mighty Prince of Hell, ruling over twenty-six legions of demons and featured in the Lesser Key of Solomon, an anonymous 17th century grimoire. He can be persuaded to tell magicians of events past and future, can discover hidden and lost things, and has a “good” nature.

Vassago , Duke of Hell , Demon of Goetia commanding 26 legions of demons . He has the same nature as Agares , good natured and invoked in divination rituals he discerns past , present and future ; he discovers all things lost or hidden .

demon summoning circle | devils trap by thepalehorsman234 on deviantART

"Seal of Sixteen Circles" another one from Naruto-A lot like the original outline for my first and (unlikely) only tattoo. Minus three circles, and the innermost triangles.

How to tie a trinity knot. Great for groomsmen or just any gentleman with style!

How to tie a Necktie - The Trinity Knot - Animated How to tie the Trinity Knot video without hands getting in the way. in case you need to tie a tie