Flower painting a simple way using round brush

Flower painting This video shows step by step instruction on how to make flower painting with round brush using one stroke technique.


Eyes Digital Art Tutorial Step by Step -I don't do much digital art myself, but find the techniques interesting.


looks like my little kitty boy, Fuzzy, when he was a kitten. Loved that cat so much.grew up with him. Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Jumbo Abnormal Hair Palettes Chart by StarshipSorceress on DeviantArt

Since creating my other palette charts, I've had some requests to make more. Another jumbo chart for some abnormal hair colors, I hope you guys enjoy More Resources on my GumRoad: I.

Panda in a Box by Lighane

Panda in a box. Could you abandon this cute little guy if he sat right in front of your front door? Which other pet would you like to see in a box? xD Panda in a Box

As you guys seemed to be most interested in seeing some elves and fairies I just started with this Rainbow Elf girl A great occasion to play with all the beautiful colors Copic offers&nb.

AelTn9_80oA.jpg (572×568)

No new Gem Girl yet, but in the meantime you get this portrait commission of Angelic Ahri I wish you an awesome weekend!

top 14 design of bar codes  So I've never seen bar code art before, but I think it give the concept and figure and ground pretty well.

Unusual barcode designs i like this pieces because they are making barcodes more interesting.