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Depression is a discouraged state of mind that tends to make it difficult for the person to take action to make things better.

You think the guy or gal who's the "life of the party" has issues? They're  probably manic and happy to be going through the UP of a Bi-Polar stage...   which is fine 'till the shit-storm of depression kicks in... I know and so do you... Robin Williams...  you...  me... maybe your best friend... or your goldfish :-)  It ain't easy..., but there is help... and flushing the goldfish down the toilet when you go on vacation for 1 week ain't  a happy thing to do...    Goldfish have feelings too.

Me: I want to die Friends: yeah, me too. Friends: I wanna go home and curl up in my onesie, fluffy socks and slippers and read a book/ watch a movie/ play a game etc. Me: *smiles* yeah, me too.

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I'm the ugly sister. I'm the horrible daughter. I'm not even the second choice. I'm the leftover. I'm not the skinny one. I'm the talentless one." I'm just not good enough.

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