Martyna Karpińska

Martyna Karpińska

Martyna Karpińska
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Water balloon

Freed from a suspended balloon a fraction of a second earlier, water maintains a balloon-like shape for a fraction more—long enough for Serge Raymond to capture the moment in a picture featured in National Geographic.

Photographer Nhu Xuan Hua // DANSK MAgazine // www.auraphotoagency.xom

// DANSK MAgazine // Props & Set design William Farr Photography Nhu Xuan Hua Styling Marie-Louise Von Haselberg Make up Emma Louise Williams Hair Philippe Tholimet

Thiago Almeida

trueneutralproductions: “ Take a look at these Stonegolem pieces by thiago-almeida! Were they created to guard secrets in a ruin that is now overgrown? Or perhaps they are a natural thing for this.