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Epicdreamer CrazywriterLavendel
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Fact: His name isn't really Cupcake. It's Evan Stone. Another fact: Small towns are not as cool as they are in books. And if an O'Conner ever asks you to tutor.

*old Graveyard.... IF i could get my friend to go with me for a photoshoot.                                                                                                                                                     More

JGallagher- The cemetery in the book seems to be dark and creepy and this cemetery does a pretty good job at scary dark and being creepy. In the book Pip is at the cemetery and looking at his mothers tombstones then he meets a convict.

Love this! I set several scenes from my Southern Ghosts Series in cemeteries! www.elainecalloway.com                                                                                                                                                                                 More

scary death Black and White creepy weird horror dark fear dead evil haunted ghost Demon gothic mysterious Macabre spooky mystery eerie devil mystical tomb occult UNKNOWN uncanny graves obscure cemetary ghostly metaphysical

i love this...peaceful, fun, quiet, adventurous, mysterious...just simply beautiful

This image looks un normal a child swinging as high as the moon, the tree looks deformed. It makes you think who is pushing her and having black and white as the only colours of the image.I think makes the image feel spooky