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martyna haemorrhagia
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Natalia Dyer

“It was great to just kind of live in that world, the whole vibe of the era and genre was amazing. being thrown into that whole era of innocence and naivety and wonder was just… really cool.” (Natalia Dyer aka Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things)

It is by pure coincidence that we exist on a planet and in a time when our star, the Sun, is covered exactly during total eclipse. No other known planet has total eclipse and at some point in the future they won't occur on Earth either.

The most perfectly caught picture ever. I've seen the second frame where the man was able to shot the door in the very last millisecond.

Yes, the picture is real. Believe it or not, the man in the lighthouse was not killed. He was awaiting rescue via helicopter. That was the only reason he opened the door. Taken by Jean Guichard during a storm in 1989 off the coast of Brittany France,

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