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From monochromatic color palettes to minimal (but not boring) designs, this nail art looks just as good in the boardroom as they do for after-work drinks.

1930 poster for the movie, "Just Imagine"...1930 to1980??...Real surfing with the aliens and cool, new-age space travel is what they envisioned...NOT "Dynasty," big shoulder pads and bigger hair for women, 'Hair Bands' and spandex for the men and neon leg warmers for everyone just wasn't what we all had in mind for the "Distant Future," 50 years from now! What a waste of technology!

A poster for the deliriously lovable 1930 futuristic comedy musical "Just Imagine", about a 1980 of the future. Spaceship, pulp retro futurism back to the future tomorrow tomorrowland space planet age sci-fi airship steampunk dieselpunk