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Spider mimic moth! Lygodium Spider Moth (Siamusotima aranea)

This is the Lygodium Spider Moth (Siamusotima aranea). The species was originally discovered in Thailand in but only recently described by entomologists. Did I mention it evolved with spider leg markings on its wings to fool predators?

Leaf moth from Brazil

The scientific order Lepidoptera, consists of butterflies and moths. The name Lepidoptera has its origins in the Greek language, with “lepido” meaning scales and “ptera” meaning wings. So literally translated, Lepidoptera means scale-winged insects.

East of the Sun and West of the Moon

porchwood: East of the Sun, West of the Moon by Cassandra Mazur Based on the Native American legend “The Girl Who Married a Bear.” (When the Moon will not be NEARLY this tragic, mind! I just can’t resist “East of the Sun” art with a black-haired girl!

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