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Krew z krwi - Rozdział 11 - Wattpad

Read Rozdział 11 from the story Krew z krwi by EreriLxE with 916 reads.

Serca w zgiełku miast [Ereri] - Rozdział 15 - Wattpad

Serca w zgiełku miast [Ereri] - Rozdział 15 - Wattpad

Levi w/ a man bun

Levi with his hair pinned back ? <<< I think his hair's to short for that<<Isayama said an alternative hairstyle would be with the undercut but the top grown out so ita probably a fanart of that

Request for starrymayflower&nbsp; My first Levi fic ever and I think it came out somewhat well. I tried to stick with the idea that was given to me so I hope I stayed on track with that somewhat well?

Childhood Friends (Attack on Titan// Levi Ackerman Fanfiction) - Chapter Three - Seite 1 - Wattpad

Attack on Titan anime

Aww Levi please don't cry! *runs over and kneels in front of levi holding his face in my hands wiping his tears* What's wrong?