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It's that easy to upcycle a wooden spool. Tip...can also be illuminated inside with a small chain of lights.
the table is set with candles, flowers and napkins for dinner guests to enjoy
50+ Simple and Cute Rustic Wooden Box Centerpiece Ideas to Liven Up Your Decor
two vases with flowers are sitting on a long white table cloth, along with wedding rings
5 Simple But Elegant Pink Flower Centerpieces (That Are Low Enough To See Over)
These simple floral centerpieces are made from DIY vases with roses, hydrangeas and baby's breath (some even use fake flower arrangements). Because they don't have too many flowers, they are easy and inexpensive. Which is great for large events (like weddings, showers, anniversaries and graduation parties) where you have a lot of tables to decorate.
pink carnations and daisies are lined up on a table
Romantic Peonies..............
laughing with angels