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Funny pictures about You Wondered Why You Love This Movie? Oh, and cool pics about You Wondered Why You Love This Movie? Also, You Wondered Why You Love This Movie?

How to do your job right - ADORABLE PETER PAN

Keeping the Magic Alive. I've got the biggest smile on my face, Peter Pan is literally the best part of the Disney parks because they are mischievous, caring, kind, and hilarious


I know this is an actor at Disney World, but how can you NOT post something this adorable?>> I want to go just to meet Peter Pan. He always seems to be the cutest thing ever!

That Peter Pan guy:)

27 things to keep in mind if you're having a bad day: "Never forget that the two people who play Wendy and Peter Pan got married in real life."//Spieling Peter and Care Bear Wendy (real-life alias Peter and Halli Ducote)! They're so cute!