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Martin Wasylyk

I'm vegan & I love science and fantasy. Growing Strong - House Tyrell
Martin Wasylyk
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key-of-zee: Keezy (x) Am I late for Merrill positivity week? I felt like she wasn’t positive enough so I added a bunny on her head

My Lavellan really did go "Hold up, you're asking a Dalish to do what now?" I like the incredulous dialogue options.

Josephine is also heir to her family merchant business and noble. Cassandra stands next to them too and is RH of the Divine, a noble in line to the throne, practically team mom.

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At the ball I just wish we could of had nicer clothes. I would of dressed my "female" levallen in "male" formal clothes though. Everyone looked better than us.

Fourth-wall Cullen strikes again I lol'd a little too hard... haha

That'd be a good laugh if that happened. Just walk by someone and hear them say it. Automatic" lay off that ale!