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Martin Stachowicz
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Kawaii anime toddler leaning on a book with a teddy bear!

Anime girl and her kitten. Can anyone edit her with brown and and brown eyes?

Selina is She loves to play with animals, and has always dreamed of meeting a Neko. She's kind and her favorite animals are cats, but she loves to be around any kind of animal, big or small. She's very brave, and wants nothing more than to be adopted.


hyouka - eru & houtarou at the end


anime girl, school uniform, sitting on a bench


cute anime couple boy giving romantic forehead kiss to her girlfriend and playing with her long hairs


Blonde hair blue eyes so cute!

"I just want you to know that if you ever need me, I'll be there. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is, I'll always have time for you. You need someone to talk to? Call me. If you're sad, I'll make it my mission to cheer you up. Feel like crying? I'll wipe away those tears. No matter what problem you may have, just know that you aren't facing them alone. Just know that I will be right there beside you, we'll face them together."

Hold me forever and I'll love you forever :)


Chitanda Eru and Oreki Houtarou - Hyouka

anime, art, kawaii, cute, manga, girl

Anime girl edit with scarf and flower crown.

anime girl

Mirajane, a Christmas Neko that got abused by her previous owners until one day she met a gentleman, but she never saw him afterwards. She always wonders if she& someday see him again.