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Optical Mouse Surface Reader Noise Toy

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Dirty Electronics

Dirty Electronics

Casper Electronics » Speak&Spell Bending

Casper Electronics » Speak&Spell Bending

black and white photo. sound waves

Can Sound Waves Reduce Power Consumption?

Spanish film-maker José Val del Omar (1904-1982). A pioneer of film sonification, Val Del Omar build his own 4-track tape recorder as early as 1947 and, through his recordings, sought to enhance the filmic experience with sound. In his collage works, Val Del Omar attempted an equivalent of sound through a symphony of colors and vivid juxtapositions of shapes and lines.

José Val del Omar Spanish film-maker & pioneer of film sonification.

Sound sculpture - part of A Noise In Your Eye by the Baschet Brothers from cactusmouthinformer

frankieteardrop: Sound sculpture - part of A Noise In Your Eye by the Baschet Brothers from cactusmouthinformer

Aural Architectures - listening

Dutch personal horns: One of the experimental 'personal sound locators' tested by the Dutch military research station at Waalsdorp, before the personal parabolas above were adopted as the best solution.

The Pendulum Sound Machine Re-imagines The Record Player

Created as an instrument, 'pendulum sound machine' uses a record player's rotation to make noise with 16 plate-hitting pendulums. By Kouichi Okamoto year : 2011

O que é uma fonte simétrica?                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

O que é uma fonte simétrica? Mais