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two women and a man are walking down the street while one woman is talking on her cell phone
This Dress Shows How Frequently Women Are Being Touched Without Their Consent
Nudos de corbata
Nudos de corbata
uschi obermaier
uschi obermaier
the instructions for how to make an origami suit
How A Man's Suit Should Fit - An Illustrated Guide - RealMenRealStyle
two pairs of knitted gloves with polka dots on them, one is holding the other's hands
Yay for 60’s fashion!
a black and white photo of a woman in tights
Femme Fatale
a woman wearing a hat and holding an accordion
Linda Evangelista’s Greatest Runway Moments – From Chanel To Versace
a woman sitting on top of a leopard print chair with her legs crossed in the air
ex-fan des sixties
a woman in a black bodysuit and high heels
White Ginger Lily
White Ginger Lily — Naomi Campbell - Vogue Italia October 1988 - Photo...
two women sitting in the back of a car talking to each other while holding drinks