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What's this? No ring!?

“Rare John Watson season three promo photo - I’ve not seen this one before, Or any of him from this shoot in a scarf! (x) Season 3 Light Grey bg Promo Pictures: (Sherlock Walking) (Mary/John) (Mary,.

GIF. Adorable. I challenge you to not smile<- He is blessed with one of those smiles that no one is immune to. You can't help but smile back.

This is by far my favorite Martin Freeman Interview of all time All of THIS is why I completely adore him. People always say how sassy he is and how rude.

Famous for his roles in The Office, The Hobbit and Fargo, the actor talks about ‘drawing on truth’ and playing Dr Watson . Financial times

TODAY, May 2017 Martin Freeman presents: Sgt. 1 on BBC Radio 2 you can listen live PM UK time) or later after broadcasting

The sass is strong with this one...

"Beacause I am Sherlock Holmes. GREATEST DETECTIVE in the world! and im not even gonna let john in the abducted ladys house!