Aless Baylis for Petite Louise

Aless Baylis Poster Vos' Really like the minimal back ground and line work features like the trees at the bottom and use of negative space

print & pattern: DESIGNER - nikki upsher

DESIGNER - nikki upsher

Nikki Upsher is a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator based in Bath, UK. She has over twenty years experience in the busin.

Wonderful bookshelf in this transformed loft made into a warm, comfortable and cosy home entirely furnished from their store, Three Seven. My favourite part is the internal window from the main bedroom looking into Muse’s room, beautiful don’t you think?

Exposed brick can look incredible in a property. How do you feel about it?

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So, while there are plenty of gorgeous printables out there here& a few of my favorites in my first ever printable round-up!

Be Brave Wall Art Be Brave Be Brave Little One Be Brave

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