Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center / NBBJ

Image 9 of 9 from gallery of Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center / NBBJ. Photograph by NBBJ

Courtesy of Elena Pilavaki + Oliver Shalabi

Lake House Design a beautiful house competition Introduction The starting point of our process was the attempt to answer the challenging question of what ma

Gallery of Construction Begins on gmp Architekten's SIP Sports Centre in China - 7

Courtesy of Alvaro Balderrama Chiappe

This work was developed the year 2014 as my final project to get my Architecture Degree in “Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo” in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Bolivia.

Courtesy of gmp Architekten

Image 6 of 7 from gallery of Construction Begins on gmp Architekten's SIP Sports Centre in China. Photograph by gmp Architekten

©  Iwan Baan

Matmut Atlantique Stadium / Herzog & de Meuron

Gallery of Rogers Partners’ Henderson-Hopkins School Wins 2016 AIA Honor Award - 10

Hala Sportowa w Tarnowskich Górach

Sport w mniejszym mieście. Hala sportowa w Tarnowskich Górach - zdjęcie nr 10

Copenhagen Arena office was one of three teams reached the finalists in the competition for the design of the new multi-purpose arena in Copenhagen.

Can an arena be a good neighboor? Large stadiums and music venues are often placed in the outskirts of cities, but not in Copenhagen. Royal Arena, a square metre venue, has just opened in the middle of a residential area, and is designed by.

BIG Winter Bath in Copenhagen Harbor: Cold Water, Hot <a class="pintag" href="/explore/Architecture" title="#Architecture explore Pinterest">#Architecture</a>

The new winter bath at Island Brygge is incorporated as a natural extension of the existing harbour bath, a previous project by BIG and JDS. The harbor baths wooden deck is extended and lifted t…

New Stamford Bridge stadium

The planning application for the new Stamford Bridge stadium was submitted by the Chelsea Football Club. The application comprises an expanded seat capacit

Studio Gang Architects infused warmth and innovation into the WMS Boathouse at Clark Park in Chicago. See more surprising athletic facilities here. Photography by Steve Hall/Hedrich Blessing.