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Neko Bakao
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DPC Casters! (Bunnymuse on Devianart)

Gaster gang Bunnymuse's favourites by otakuzerokun on DeviantArt

Ok.. Every other sans and papyrus is cool with me except.. Under..lust... Bleh~< very awkward but I'm still friends with him. Echotale,underlust,gztale,undertale,underswap,underfell,sans,papyrus

You live in a mansion all alone but all of that will change when a bunch of skeletons came into your house. At first you were scared but the more you hangout w.

But...skeletons don't have hair...right?

so i wanted to find a color other then black to use for comic strip ideas as well as en size.this seems to work. I also wanted a chance to explain something so here it is. B's "seeing eye"----.

so this is a sketch I worked on today since I haven't been drawing much due to the cold and lack of here ya go.hopefully I'll get done with the main project and I believe this is the .

Swap!gaster Fell!gaster Outer!gaster Blind!gaster Ut!gaster

So I saw some of these cool AU's and I thought it would be fun to draw some of them.but i saw lots of people drawing the other characters of undertale and not that many i gave it a sh.