Marta Nadia Zawias

Marta Nadia Zawias

Marta Nadia Zawias
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What is blood made of A hands-on science demonstration #STEM #science

What is blood made of? Hands on science demonstration! this gives the kids a chance to learn something about the human body and are able to do some science except this is a fun way for them to learn .

Autumn leaf bowls

Autumn Leaf Bowls: These Fall leaf bowls capture the essence of the season. Use faux leafs and Mod Podge to create this lovely bowl. Source: Hello Lucky ~ For the home / Art

Nutty Boats:  These would be so much fun to make on a warm, fall afternoon.  The preschool children could play with them in a water table placed outside.  There are all kinds of science concepts that could be explored with the children's nutty boats.  Children exploring the cause and effect of their boat on water would be very DAP.

A really cute idea to engage kids on Thanksgiving holiday. A simple walnut shell, leaves, twig, and play dough sail boat. Float them in a bowl, will look cute on window sill or even console table!