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Bucky Barnes - Winter Soldier - Falcon - Sam Wilson - Marvel

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Tom Hiddleston

tomhiddleston-gifs: “ “ If you are having a bad day (and if you’re not)… ” Have Thomas “Perfect” Hiddleston being all cute and shy and gorgeous af to cheer you up ”

Only Tom Hiddleston could turn Loki into a character who is Sensitive AND a Badass!

You know Tom Hiddleston is a great actor because he can make girls cry over one of the most evil Marvel comic's villains- his eyes in this break my heart.

Always remember that you have a home, Loki. You have a home waiting there for you when you are tired of unfamiliar stars. Just remember that.

A man without a home, lost in the space of his heart <--- Oh, thanks for the feels. Joanne vs Tom of saying yours A outstanding .in wonderful growing many hearts to grow respect.

That face! I just wanna hug him so badly! It's okay Loki, there are so many girls out there that love you!

This line is when I chose a side, put on my Loki's Army shirt, and fell madly inlove with Tom Hiddleston.<this part hurt so bad