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Bucky Barnes - Winter Soldier - Falcon - Sam Wilson - Marvel

Bucky Barnes - Winter Soldier - Falcon - Sam Wilson - Marvel - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

No words, just feelings. (I think my next drawings will be all about Loki, Im so sorry, but is incredible what 1 [one] new pic of him can make with me)

Loki cuts his hair to be like his brother.I hope he NEVER cuts that SEXY hair of his.

Tom Hiddleston

tomhiddleston-gifs: “ “ If you are having a bad day (and if you’re not)… ” Have Thomas “Perfect” Hiddleston being all cute and shy and gorgeous af to cheer you up ”

Only Tom Hiddleston could turn Loki into a character who is Sensitive AND a Badass!

You know Tom Hiddleston is a great actor because he can make girls cry over one of the most evil Marvel comic’s villains

Always remember that you have a home, Loki. You have a home waiting there for you when you are tired of unfamiliar stars. Just remember that.

A man without a home, lost in the space of his heart <--- Oh, thanks for the feels. Joanne vs Tom of saying yours A outstanding .in wonderful growing many hearts to grow respect.

That face! I just wanna hug him so badly! It's okay Loki, there are so many girls out there that love you!

This line is when I chose a side, put on my Loki's Army shirt, and fell madly inlove with Tom Hiddleston.<this part hurt so bad

PaulRevered's Picture Paradise

From Rick Riordan's new series, "Magnus Chase".<--- just to point out that this is not from a book this is technically from original Norse mythology