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for feathers great and small

really nice references. what pisses me of is the people who redrew these and didn't understand how feathers work. it's a goodly search away fro you, dumbasses

No by Megan trainer-2 by Starrycove

"For your considerations for your ML Breakdance AU: Ladybug breakdancing to "No" by Meghan Trainor when Chat first starts flirting with her" by starrycove


thebirdfromthemoon-art: “ Requested: my miraculous OC, Alice aka Blue Jay with different outfit! *Note The third one of the first row is actually one of the first concept art for Alice! (at the time she was 21 tho) *Note The first one of the.

miraculous ladybug kiss - Google Search

miraculous ladybug kiss - If you know the artist please post the link in coment…

Every single one of these facial expressions is so relatable

I can't believe we thought Peri was gonna be cynical, and Lapis the ray of sunshine. < I never thought lapis was going to be the ray of sunshine tbh