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☀ "Would the last person to leave please turn off the Enlightenment?

Handcrafted pictures of weird shapes, objects, background, and other unexplainable things.

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"If you like it, great. If not, turn the page." — Artist, Designer + Illustrator Melanie Biehle //

Melanie Biehle is a Seattle based artist and surface designer. She creates abstract paintings and bold fashion, home, and stationery prints and patterns.

Set Boundaries Early With Grandparents Or You'll Regret It

You may find yourself being driven crazy by the smallest things if you don't set boundaries with grandparents early.

Assertiveness diagram ii

Assertiveness: children need to be taught this, as being more important than obedience. Consideration for others and respect for oneself should go hand in hand.

Ever worry about something that you have absolutely no control over? Repeat after me..Not my circus....

from the Polish idiom that means "not my problem" -- "Not my circus, not my monkeys".Being polish and all, this suits me just right.Especially when i end up screwing in that light bulb the wrong way because i had no polish friends to assist me.

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I've always been attracted to women who by Taye Diggs @ Like Success