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Ventanas de Navidad

Looking for some cool and awesome Christmas window decorating ideas? The most versatile piece of furniture in our homes is sometimes over looked: the window. Decorating the outside of our homes is a long lived tradition during the Christmas season

Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti – crunchy and amazing biscotti loaded with cranberry and pistachio. Additions- 2 Tbs butter, 2 Tbs orange juice instead of zest, tsp of cardamom

Ideas para usar medias de red sin sentir que te ves vulgar

There is 1 tip to buy these tights: fishnet net bracelets stacked bracelets cuff bracelet silver bracelet jewels jewelry accessories accessory silver jewelry dress mini dress red dress floral dress leather jacket black jacket jacket.


Glutes,Triceps and ABS! One combo move- lot’s of great action! Just think of this exercise as being in a bridge position, but adding a few elements! Bridge position, toes and fingers pointed forward, cross one leg over your knee and perform a tricep dip!

[Workout] How To Use Stretch Bands To Tone The Butt

[Workout] How To Use Stretch Bands To ToneGood morning! I'm not going to make in today I woke up not feeling well with no voice and coughing nonstop, sorry for the late notice

Resultado de imagen para decorar con pañuelos

Clothes Hanger This specially designed hanger has holes to neatly display and store up to 10 scarves. The hanger puts scarf options in plain sight and eliminates rummaging through a drawer to find the perfect one. I need to find one of these.