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a person is holding a white object with pearls in it's hand and touching the bead
the diagram shows how to use sewing needles
Ring of Tatters: Tips & Techniques, includes Sewing in Ends, Downward Picots, etc. #tatting #technique
a green crocheted butterfly with two loops attached to it's back end
Learn the Art of Crochet Tatting > Taking the Stitches off the Hook
Butterfly step 3
Frywolitkowa czapeczka Crown Jewelry, Crown
Frywolitkowa czapeczka
an old photo of a woman with a hat on her head and a pen in front of it
Tatted Baby Bonnet
purple crocheted ribbon on wooden surface with scissors
Zakładka do książki wykonana na podstawie zdjęcia zamieszczonego na fotosiku
a green doily on a wooden table next to a potted plant
Serwetka wykonana wg schematu opublikowanego na starym blogu renulka
two white lace shoes are in a box
Butki wykonane techniką frywolitkową wg wzoru w podanym niżej linku