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a man riding a skateboard down the side of a cement wall next to a tall building
Gallery of Foyer Astural Chevrens Education Center / Lacroix Chessex - 9
a kitchen with wooden walls and flooring next to a large window that looks out onto the countryside
delikatissen | blog decoración nórdica | diseño nórdico
Post: Pequeña casa de verano en las dunas --> blog decoración nórdica, Casa de madera, casa de verano dinamarca, decoración interiores, estilo nórdico, interiores nórdicos, nordico minimalismo, vacaciones skagen dinamarca
the side of a building with wood shingles on it
a building with a metal roof and two doors
Rural Office for Architecture
an open door on the side of a building
Small museum pavilion designed to resemble a rural shed by Von M
a building that is made out of wood
A sustainable and luxurious barnhouse “Villa Hindeloopen” is located in Hindeloopen in The Netherlands
an old bath tub sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a chair and table
a house in the middle of a snowy field with tall grass and trees around it
MNy Arkitekter uses multiple timber finishes for Finnish lake house
the house is made out of wood and has plants growing in pots on the front lawn
Bioclimatic house with a timber frame by Tectoniques
a person standing in the doorway of a house with black shingles on it's roof
a person standing in front of a wooden building
OFIS Arhitekti by Alpine Barn Apartment
the inside of a building with wooden slats on it's walls and floor
Gallery of Sports Center Sargans / Ruprecht Architekten + HILDEBRAND - 2
Sports Center Sargans,© Roman Keller
a snow covered driveway next to a house with a wooden door and window on the side
flühler architektur - projekte
Fluehler Architektur St. Gallen Ersatzbau Höckli mit Erweiterung Appenzell