funny and cool geek art beard of fun Yes, that's a giant steel wool sculpture of Karl Marx's epic beard by Ukrainian artist Nataliya Slinko for your bourgeois viewing pleasure.

At home with Karl Marx at the Museum of Communism in Prague - The Smartest, Funniest, Most Informative Museum Ads

The past lies like a nightmare on the present. If I negate powdered wigs, I am still left with unpowdered wigs.

Detail from "The Peaceful Uses of Energy" mosaic mural by Spanish artist Josep Renau, installed on a massive awning of an office building in Halle-Saale, Germany

Harald Hakenbeck "Peter im Tierpark" ("Peter at the Animal Park") 1960

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One of the biggest murals in Europe and winner of the 2013 Mall Wall Art competition by Posiecz-Polkowska who drew inspiration from Polish art and boldly transforms it.

Juliusz Stud Nicki - Gertruda Wysocka, the Stakhanovite - Oil on canvas

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DDR. Brunhilde Gäde, Parteisekretärin, Premnitz 1989

kunst ddr brd - Szukaj w Google