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I feel like this could mean two things. Option A: you want to be like the egg and grow stronger from the experience. Option B: you want to be like the potato and come out of the experience a more caring and understanding person<<< woah

Someone from London posted a whisper, which reads "Period Problems Falling asleep in white sheets and waking up on a japanese flag.

howww tell me your secret

"I'm on my period & today I bled through to the couch. When I noticed I started freaking out & my boyfriend told me to go get cleaned up & he would take care of it. When I came back the stain was gone (Best Boyfriend Ever)

Someone from Narborough, England, GB posted a whisper in the group Embarrassing Stories, which reads "I once sneezed, headbutted my desk and knocked myself out. I woke up to see my mum standing in my room laughing at what I had done.

Someone posted a whisper, which reads "Whenever I have cramps I just tell myself that periods are a monthly blood sacrifice to satan to give me the strength to destroy my enemies.