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a little boy standing in front of a table with pictures of vegetables and fruits on it
some rocks that are on top of a wooden table next to pine cones and purple ribbon
Montessori Spiel mit Erzählsteinen zu verschiedenen Themen
a tray with a book and some fake trees on it, along with other items
Dough Nature Portraits
there are two tiered trays that have animals on them
there are many toys on the shelf in this room, including mushrooms and other things
a market stand with baskets and food on it's sides, under a red and white striped awning
there are many different things on the table in front of this display that includes pine cones, acorns and leaves
Fabulous and Fresh Farmhouse DIYS and Ideas (The Cottage Market) in 2020 | Homeschool nature study,
a yellow table with sunflowers and cards on it
Plant Sorting Crafts and Fun for Earth Day