More ideas from Marta
I should make this my business card background. Julie Filipenko - "Cat Girls Don’t Cry"

“Artist: Julie Filipenko “Cat Girls Don’t Cry” ““One of my pieces that will be on display at Ayden Gallery for the “Nightmare in Wonderland” project (part Curated by the wonderful Ixie Darkonn ●.

Dandelion by Isabelle Chapuis and Duy Anh Nhan Duc #photography #portrait

Flower artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc has collaborated with photographer Isabelle Chapuis for this poetical series: “Dandelion” and “Etamine”. This series of pays tribute to dandelions through women’s portraits, full of finesse.

QUARZ 974 Light - Free Font

Today I wanted to share these two beautiful fonts I found. They are both simple, clean, modern and absolutely stunning! Razor Free Font by Jeff Schreiber. QUARZ 974 Light (free font) by Domenico Ruffo.