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Washbasins, in addition to their utility functions, are also playing a decorative role. In response to this trend Marmite designed a line of furniture washbasins – Modern Square, of the shape referring to cubist forms. Geometric washbasins with clear lines will allow the creation of a modern bathroom, combining the simplicity of elegance and artistic fantasy. Modern Square washbasins:


Bathroom garden? Plants add to interiors not only freshness, but they also have excellent relaxing and calming effect. With lush vegetation, it is possible to create a relaxation center in home with a character friendly to our body and senses. How do you feel with such green architecture?

People are divided into those who like quick showers, and those who prefer long baths. To the second part we recommend freestanding bath with oval shapes that thanks to the symmetrical form they perfectly harmonize with the environment. Especially in the spacious bathrooms they perfectly replace traditional corner-baths and can easily be adapted to the stylistic sinks and other equipment.

The device for not only pretty, but also functional bathroom can be difficult, especially if the available space is limited. The innovative design of the folding shower, which was created in France, is a response to the needs of owners of small interiors. The shower is easy to install, it comes in several different colors, and most importantly - after the deposit is really not enough space! What do you think about it?

Red Diamond bathtub is more than a place for a relaxing bath. What makes it special is not only the original design, but located on its equipment facilities. And these are among the other two resistant HD TVs, remote controlled console covered with 18-carat gold and a holder for champagne studded with Swarovski crystals. The pleasure of bathing in the tub costing up to $ 47,000. What do you think about it? Would you like to see such a hot issue in Marmite’s edition?

This washbasin is a real treat for all lovers of nature! Designed in the shape of the aquarium give you possibility to enjoy it during morning wash. With the ease of quickly and easily replace them, you can also other decorations - sand, flowers and stones, creating a completely new, surprising sink. How do you like this bathroom? Fot.

Rectangular trays are increasingly willing chosen by those who design the interior bathrooms. No wonder – they perfectly fit both in small, narrower and longer spaces. With dimensions of up 1200x800 cm allow you to create a space of bathing for even greater comfort.

Properly selected colors fittings may nicely highlight the decor of any bathroom. Do you like classic beige? Do you enjoy the timeless white in alpine edition? Or would you prefer a modern graphite? The Marmite you will find a wide selection of gloss and matt colors for bathtubs, sinks and shower trays.

With regular care of the reflective surface bathtub, we will be able to longer enjoy the pleasures of a home spa. You will be prepared about how to effectively remove everyday dirt, safely disinfect and impregnate the surface with our Youtube film.

Bathtubs is an essential element of domestic space, serving both the hygiene of the body and spirit. Because can we imagine anything more relaxing than a long and aromatic bath? Even in a small bathroom we will create a true oasis of peace, thanks to the ergonomic and stable cast marble bathtubs, whose properties provide long water the right temperature. Marmite’s designer bathtubs are available at: