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I love T'Challa so much he's just like the whole world can fight me I dont care I will protect the Bucky

If you ever feel sad just remember that T'challa is the best person in the MCU 👌👌 .

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I'lL gEt OnE ((:

<<< I don't know about Romania but Marvel seems to have a bunch of adorable sexy beasts. Most of them are called Chris, so if you're forgetful try getting a differently named one.

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Sam and Bucky share in their disapproval of Steve's recklessness and their subsequent heart attacks

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Oh... i didn't need a heart anyway...

I knew where this was going the second I started reading it, but that didn't make it hurt any less. <<< I laughed too hard at this. I truly am heartless when it comes to Bucky, I apologise!