Marlena Bulgot

Marlena Bulgot

Wrocław, Poland / 300% foodie. Kulinarna żurnalistka, zapalona kuchta i baczna obserwatorka sceny gastronomicznej. Pracuję, wypoczywam, a nawet randkuję w kuchni!
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Most succulents are light-lovers, but a surprising number prefer bright shade and do well as windowsill plants. Among these are striped zebra plants (haworthias) and kalanchoes that bloom in every warm hue. As I explain how to select and care for your indoor, low-light lovelies, we’ll make a dish garden perfect for an office, apartment or shady garden alcove <3

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Gus* Modern stainless steel plant trough. Succulents love living in there.

When you add trendy plants to modern home decor idea what do you get? This super simple DIY Succulent Garden project! Choose your favorite mixture of colorful cacti and earthy greens to make this project all your own.

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