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Rossling & Co. is raising funds for Rossling & Co - Ultra-Thin Automatic Watches & Suede Straps on Kickstarter! Versatile, fashionable and affordable. With a unique suede strap.

I was recently introduced to the Melbourne based wristwatch shop of Stock, and what a beautiful collection I found. The simple designs derive from years of collecting watches and finding the right balance of function, size and precision Swiss movements.

I’m one of those people that has never really worn a watch, but since hearing about Stock watches I may just change my mind. Stock watches are inspired by a collection of watches accumulated over the years by Melbourne based …

Minimalist watch

With Reveal watch, time is always in the present. This timekeeper reveals the current time through a looking glass while fading the past and the future. If you are a person of the present, this watch is made specifically for you.