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The Terminus Assault Armor, which should really be called Badass Death God Armor, is probably one of the cooler looking armor sets you can buy. Comes with nice little bonuses to ammo, melee, and shields, so ideal for heavy fighting. And it just makes you look frightening, to your enemies anyway

The Terminus Assault Armor is a non-customizable armor set included in the Terminus Weapon and.

mech armor, Johnathan Reyes on ArtStation at

Hargon, physical body of the resurrected spirit of Hargonitis the Bleader that kills Tetrolm and leads the New Blood Men to war against Neun Dioss, the GFS, the Acceptables, and foremost- The Elite.

artissimo:  space knight by dimitri neronEXPOSE 7: The Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe

ArtStation - Space Knight, Dimitri Neron --- Use for the Templars? Are they now sentient machines, imbued with the same mission? Do they still quest?