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Here's What We Will Do In Space By 2116 A Timeline of Future Space Exploration: Part 1

Antimatter spacecraft, missions to Saturn, and interstellar voyages. Here& the second part of our forecast of future space exploration.

Austria, Carinthia and East Tyrol by Freytag-Berndt und Artaria

One in a series of seven scale maps for Austria, this map of Karnten Osttirol is loaded with detailed information, place-names, and transportation.

Instruments Aboard Juno That Will Study Jupiter

A look at the scientific instruments that are the stars of a mission to give us an unprecedented look into the gas giant, Jupiter.

New Greener Skylines: The Rise of Wooden Skyscrapers

New Greener Skylines: the Rise of Wooden Skyscrapers These wooden skyscraper designs are more sustainable, less expensive, and consume less fossil fuel to build and maintain.

IBM Predictions: Life in 2022

IBM Predictions: Life in 2022 This January IBM released predictions for the top five innovations the tech giant believes will affect the way we live five years from now: life in

2017 New Car Releases! ''NEW 2017 Mercedes-Maybach 6'' 2017 Best New Concept Cars For The Future

New 2017 cars coming out soon with news and pictures of future cars and concepts, Coming out soon cars: new models for Release date, price, engine and specification of new cars for

John Glenn: 1921-2016

The first American to orbit the Earth passed away at age 95 in December. We take a look at the distinguished life and career of astronaut John Glenn.

The SCOTUS Samsung/Apple Decision

The SCOTUS Samsung/Apple Decision SCOTUS decided the patent battle between Samsung and Apple in favor of Apple, but what does that mean for inventors--and what does it say about patent law?

Fantastic Beasts

Fantastic Beasts Thanks to Earth's amazing biological diversity, our real life fantastic beasts can give J.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: A Guide to Urban Living in the 80s [INFOGRAPHIC]

Picotech, cyber tech, mile-high buildings and flying drone taxis. In the future, sweet dreams are made of this.

Gateway Tower, Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

International firm Gensler has proposed an alternative skyscraper design concept for the waterfront site in Chicago where a spiralling, supertall condominium to