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a table topped with lots of different colored toothbrushes next to question marks on clothes pins
Teaching Resources & Lesson Plans | TPT
Super easy punctuation sticks to use in the classroom for any sort of activity
several pieces of paper with question marks on them
I like the examples with in the punctuation, the idea is really good
a poster with different types of emoticions and words on it that say,
Proper Punctuation: How to Use English Punctuation Marks Correctly
Super easy to follow & read chart for the classroom
the punctuation poster is shown in red and blue, with different words on it
Punctuation |English Languge Arts Educational Chart/Poster
I would have this posted in my classroom for students to reference
puncturation worksheet for students to help them understand and practice their writing skills
Similar to another chart I saved this gives a quick overview of punctuation and what they are used for. I think I would have this hanging up in my classroom.
a printable common rules for cooking with the words in black and white on it
This chart could be printed and used to explain commas and the rules of using commas.
a sign that says let's read our punctuation voice goes up no way
Anchor Charts Galore! - Susan Jones Teaching
This anchor chart is great to teach students how their voice changes with punctuation
puncturition poster with different words and numbers
I think you could print and laminate this for your classroom to have up year round for students to look to when needed.