No-Bake Cookies & Cream Cheesecake

No-Bake Cookies and Cream Cheesecake

Prepare to be oddly satisfied by this cake piping video.

Prepare to be oddly satisfied by this cake piping video. Wow, I need a good lazy Susan or some professional cake turner.

Ich glaube ich probier den Mal für bastis Geburtstag :D

This looks like an easy way to cheat a way into appearing as though you have made more effort than actually put forth. A great, simple idea right for any occasion.

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Such a simple design. It doesn't require expert piping skills, but with just a little care, it looks great!

icing trick

cake decorating tip How to do brush emroidery on cookies. Can also be done on cakes, cupcakes, fondant, gum paste, etc. All you need is thin consistency icing and a flat brush.

Торт "Наполеон" (по семейному рецепту)

Торт "Наполеон" (по семейному рецепту)

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Frosting Techniques: Which piping nozzles do you need? - ** This is all I want (PMW) any frost nozzle graphical video information on my cake techniques als

Love, Love, Love Daisies

Easter Cake - The bottom tiers are vanilla cake with lemon filling and the top tier is chocolate cake with vanilla filling all iced in vanilla buttercream. Inspiration from many cc members photos and Peggy Porschen's Romantic Cakes book.

Ice Cream Cone Cake.  Love this!  Alternative recipe at Epicurious  -

Soft Serve Birthday Cake, so cute! The cupcake ice cream cones are the perfect decorations for a birthday cake!