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an orange and white cat sitting in a cup of coffee with cinnamons around it
Dzień dobry, miłego dnia, humor, żart
Monika Firley
a woman holding a vase filled with red and pink flowers on top of a green field
red roses are in the foreground with a sunset and water in the background that says dobrano
the text is written in two languages on a white background with black lettering and an orange light above it
a bicycle with flowers in the basket is parked next to a grassy field and trees
a vase filled with purple flowers on top of a table
a vase filled with blue flowers sitting on top of a window sill next to a wall
a coffee cup and saucer with a rose in it on a black background, surrounded by coffee beans
an ice cream sundae with strawberries on top and the words happy birthday written below
there is a cup and saucer on the table with daisies in front of it