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Womens Combat Style Army Worker Military Ankle Boots Flat Punk Goth Shoes Size #POPShoes #CombatBoots

This would look good for near-future or even dieselpunk. It could also be brassed up for steampunk, dirtied up for postapoc or deplasticked for medieval. <3 the versatility. - DEMOBAZA.

44 Apocalyptic Fashion Styles - From Luxe Apocalyptic Fashion to Haute Apocalypse Gear

sekigan: Post-Nuclear Plague Doctor | (closed) The Rockatansky Rolling Roadsho…

Doomsday Prepped..would need this outfit/Shiloh

Demobaza........apocalyptic fashion, post-apocalyptic fashion, post-apocalypse, dystopian,

Marcia and I have been talking about placing the world in a post-apocalyptic near future, with identifiable elements of the present and past. Post apocalypse fashion