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an info sheet describing how to fill a raised garden bed and save money with wood
The Hugekultur Method
Hugelkultur, a German word meaning “mound or hill culture," is the process of layering organic garden waste inside the raised garden bed using large rotting logs, sticks and other debris to create a flourishing environment that improves soil quality, requires minimal maintenance, and has better water retention. Check out the link below for more information!
how to fill garden raised beds and save money info graphic by the gardener's wife
5 Reasons To Start Your Garden In The Winter
5 Reasons To Start Your Garden In The Winter – Vego Garden
Garden bed filling
Raised Garden Bed HACK-Save $$$
Soil is expensive! Fill your raised garden beds by doing this! #gardenproject #gardening #garden #gardeningtips credit@2quacks5clucksfarm- ThankYou!
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the garden is being built with bricks in it's center and raised planters on each side
the garden is made out of bricks and has plants growing in it, along with other landscaping items
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Muda de rosas
the garden spiral small space gardening
How To Create A Small Vegetable Garden Using A Garden Spiral
a brick planter with plants growing out of it in the middle of some grass
Gardening Hacks You’ll Want To Know
Outstanding Ways to Care for Plants