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Kuchisake-Onna (The Slit Mouthed Woman) - Japanese folklore: She was once the very beautiful wife or concubine of a samurai. In a jealous rage, he mutilated her face. Her ghost returned, covering part of her face with a kimono sleeve, asking wanderers "Do you think I'm beautiful?"  She would reveal her face with a 'yes' and ask "Do you think I'm Beautiful now?"  Various bad things happen with just about any answer. Her modern form seems to wear a 'cold mask'; modern sightings have caused…

Kuchisake-onna - Japanese legend: a woman who has a slit mouth from ear to ear. She was mutilated by a jealous husband. She came back as an evil spirit. She has been reported to chase children.

Twiggy wearing Mary Quant.  Every girl wished she was that thin...but since that wasn't going to happen...they'd settle for wearing their eye make-up the way she did....with the huge painted on lashes!

Twiggy wearing a Mary Quant dress. Miniskirt and hot pants, they were on of other fun fashions thing that Mary Quant used to spread her idea about promoting young people to dress to please themselves and to treat fashion as a game.

Vivienne Westwood and friends outside Let it Rock, 1973.

The Sex Pistols became fashion idols for these people who were dressed by Malcolm McLaren. Vivienne opened a store named 'Let it Rock' based of this trend.

70s punks

Punk Fashion - consisted of young alientated teens wearing messy baggy ripped up clothes. Boys normally wore balck leather and girls wore micro minis with black fishnet stockings. (Survey of Historic Costume)


Jordan at Vivienne Westwood & Malcom McLaren's punk boutique Sex on the Kings Road in London